King Mattresses

King sized mattresses (76” x 80”) are also known as an eastern king and are the same length as queen sized mattresses but are typically 16” wider. It is the perfect sized mattress for couples with large master bedrooms. It is also a great choice for couples that tend to have children or pets that share their bed space.

Restonic King Mattresses.png

Looking for the best in both comfort and value?

Restonic Models Feature:

  1. LUXURIOUS SILK AND WOOL: Delivers and ultra cozy sleep surface for all night comfort
  2. MARVELOUS MIDDLE: A middle section with two individually wrapped coil units to prevent sagging.
  3. GRAPHITE LATEX: Graphite-infused latex and graphite-infused TempaGel offer a supportable, breathable sleep surface.
  4. OUTLAST GOLD: NASA developed Outlast® Gold delivers cutting edge responsive temperature-control.

Restonic Foam Mattresses:

  1. TEMPAGEL by RESTONIC: Moderates temperature variances throughout the night.
  2. THERMOCOOL: Proactively regulates temperature so no more shivering or shucking blankets throughout the night.
  3. OUTLAST TECHNOLOGY: Outlast regulates temperature within the bed (microclimate) and keeps it in the optimum range for restful sleep.
  4. AIRFLOW EDGE: Ventilated edge to edge support keeps mattresses and bedding fresher, longer.

We are very confident that our foam mattresses will compare favorably with the features of any of our competitor’s leading brands and styles at a fraction of the cost!

For the best quality and value for king sized mattresses, visit our Beech Grove, Avon or Greenwood stores today!