BEDBOSS Memory Foam

“Your first step to a better night’s rest”

Throughout the bedding industry, our top selling brand, BEDBOSS Memory Foam mattresses are considered to be the best and the latest in sleep technology. They are designed to conform to you and support your body, relieving pressure that causes back and neck pain and subsequently results in a poor night’s sleep.  Unlike regular spring mattresses, BedBoss memory foam mattresses do not push back against your body, making each night and morning so much more comfortable. It is as though our mattresses are designed specifically for your unique weight and shape as they conform to you!

BedBoss Memory Foam picture.png

BEDBOSS Foam Mattresses:

* Endorsed by over 200 chiropractors

* Luxuriously soft bamboo and silk covers

* Certi-Pur certified… toxin free, made with natural & renewable resources

* 10 year warranty


We are very confident that our foam mattresses will compare favorably with the features of any of our competitor’s leading brands and styles at a fraction of the cost!  .

Stop by our Beech Grove, Avon or Greenwood stores today to try a memory foam mattress- You’ll never want to sleep on a spring mattress again!